The Importance of Alternative Ways of Communication

Nowadays pretty much everyone can do a startup and provide a service or product through the internet. All you need is time, a problem to solve & opportunity, even money became optional with Crowdfunding.

Companies invest their resources on getting you to convert into a sale; from improving the conversion funnel, to the general appearance of the product. But they don’t put enough effort on Customer Service.

Many Companies disregard Customer Support as a duty that everyone has to do for a bit, and that no one likes doing. Most of the times, they just setup a simple Email Form, others they just add some awkward text asking to email some support email.

All of that sounds great at first, but once you reach your 10th sale, you should invest more time and resources on Customer Support, and not just one… as many as you can.

In this age of technology, many companies think that having a Ticketing System will solve all their issues. But that’s definitely not the case.

In the game of Customer Support, you need to have more than one way of communication, you want to provide as many options to the client to reach you out when they’re in trouble, before they go spreading how bad of a experience they had with your product/service.

It’s not acceptable to have only one way of communication.

Remember that your clients are all individuals, they have different preferences on how they want to communicate with you. Some will be too busy to deal with the problem and will want to go asynchronous, they’ll send an email or a ticket, others will want to actively deal with the issue and will want to interact with a human as quickly as possible, so they’ll want to reach you out via Phone or a Social Network such as Twitter.

Are you worried than the Phone Support Doesn’t Scale? Well then, why don’t you try out doing Support Via Twitter? Cablemas, a Mexican Telecommunication Company, provides the best service in the market via Twitter, that is quicker than its competitors. The twitter account can be found here.

Selling a Product is easy, keeping your costumers happy… that’s the key.


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